Home for disabled children

The Camillian Home for Disabled Children
in Lat Krabang is a part of The St. Camillus
Foundation of Thailand

St. Camillus is the founder of the
Camillian Order

The spiritual mission of the Camilian Order is to care for the sick, the elderly, people living with HIV/AIDS, disabled people, and poor people who have been abandoned or rejected. We serve the sick through all aspects of their care, and provide physical, mental, and spiritual support with the same care and love that “A loving mother would give to her sick child”

- To provide a home for poor and abandoned children, which will be run by the Camillian Foundation
-To operate a training program for disabled people to provide them with social skills needed to improve their quality of life
-To provide a rehabilitation and physical therapy service center
-To work for advocacy within the municipality of Bangkok through a networking office

Sponsor: Camillian Home
Staff Project          Miss Pakaporn Manoi